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EYC Football/Cheerleading Division

Volunteer Participation Program

EYC is an entirely parent-run, non-profit organization that requires volunteer involvement to help with the continued success of our program. It is important, for you as a parent, to volunteer within the program. You will have a hand in the day-to-day activities needed to run a successful youth program.

As a parent of a football and/or cheer participant you will be required to fulfill 1 - 2 volunteer opportunities per participant throughout the season. The EYC Volunteer Coordinator will assign the volunteer opportunities to each family. Once this assignment is made, the assigned family must fulfill this obligation. If for any reason an obligation cannot be fulfilled, by the assigned family, it will be the assigned family's responsibility to find a replacement.

Families who do not fulfill their required volunteer opportunity and/or do not find a replacement for their assigned volunteer opportunity, the participant will not be allowed to play or cheer in the 1st half of the next scheduled game.

Click here to sign and print Volunteer Participation Program form.

NEW - Important Information our Background Check Policy has changed!

This affects ALL volunteers in contact with children; coaches, comissioners, board members.

Click here to view the NEW EYC Background Check Policy

All Volunteers in direct contact with children, Must complete the below:

  1. PA State Police Criminal History Online:
  2. Child Abuse History Clearance Online:
  3. YCYFA Form or If you lived outside the State of Pennsylvania anytime within the past 10 years, you must also complete the fingerprint based FBI Criminal Background check.
  4. Mandated Reporter Training